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 Our history
  • operates in the packaging field since more than 40 years.

  • Doesn’t operate only for the medical, but also for all others packaging sectors.

  • is well known by all main firms in the world.

 New products

Your production rises thanks to our packaging machines
Today you can reduce your validation cost thanks to our Decoup’test

Range of machines

From the single lane, with quick size changeover, to the multi lane allowing a production up to 600 packs/minute, our machines are designed for the packing of different kinds of products into 4-sides-sealed pouches, in all respect of the quality, reliability, peel ability and waterproof of the seam.

 Our products
A complete range of packaging machines for medical disposable and others.

 A high-tech know-how

Our first machines were build mainly with mechanical devices.

Today, thanks to the electronic & pneumatic improvements, our machines are now equipped with last high-technologies. The design of MARUANI machines maximizes the use of standard and widely available components to simplify maintenance.
To facilitate quality assurance checks, the machines can also incorporate automatic pack sampling. Automatic product loading is available for a wide selection of devices.

 New : Vertical Packaging Device For VIVAPAC

To answer our clients request, we developed a new system to pack in VERTICAL. By this way, all products those could not be pack by horizontal machine, can now be done by this new module.

As usual, we will be this year in COMPAMED à Dusseldorf, Deutschland, to present our new machine and product for packaging.



Don’t forget
We are at your disposal to study any packing project you may have.

We are located close to International CdG Roissy Airport, less than 15 Km from Paris.